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5 Magical Mermaid Scale Earrings for Merbabes

Mermaid scale earrings are, thankfully, out in abundance. There is a lot of beautiful mermaid jewelry out these days. Let's gather up our favorite mermaid scale earrings for teens and adults who love mermaids.

mermaid scale earrings for merbabes

5 Magical Mermaid Scale Earrings for Merbabes

The first pair of magical mermaid earrings we must mention are our best seller here on Rainbow Crumbs. Sparkly mermaid tail drop earrings are a hit. My teen niece rocks them, and is constantly asked where to get them. At first we thought the earrings might be too big, but they are fabulous. She wears the gold and pink, but there are other colors to choose from, as well. 




How about some shiny mermaid scale studs for a more casual look? Wear a different color each day with these glorious discs. They are more subtle than drop earrings, but just as fantastical. 




Wear a silver mermaid fin necklace and earring set to show your merpride. There are no defined scales, but the shimmery blue makes for sparkling and gorgeous fins nonetheless. 



Go big or swim home, right? These big mermaid fin drop earrings are extra AF in the best way possible. The detailed and unique fins make all other accessories optional.



Have it both ways with a little tame and a little tassel with these dangling boho mermaid scale earrings. They are fancy and chic, perfect for trendsetting merbaes.  



Which pair of mermaid scale earrings are your favorite?


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