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5 Unicorn Necklaces for the True Believer

Who says unicorns don’t exist? If something as magical as a narwhal can exist, why not a unicorn? Okay, so the unicorn myth probably came to be after discovering narwhal horns but forget about all that. Let’s live the world where unicorns and dragons and mermaids exist. Sirens call out to men of the sea and fairies sprinkle pixie dust wherever they go. If you’re a true believer, you’re going to love these unicorn necklaces.

5 Unicorn Necklaces for the True Believer

A Magical Mess Unicorn Necklace



Do you consider yourself to be a hot mess? Scratch that worn out saying. Girl, you’re not a hot mess, you’re a magical mess. This unicorn necklace captures the idea of a magical mess beautifully. The artwork is a jumble of creativity, yet absolutely stunning. The pendant is available in blue, brown, black, multicolor, red, and purple – each more beautiful than the next.

Rainbow Unicorn Stone Jewelry Set



Let’s say you love magic but want to show your love of magic and unicorns in a subtle way. This jewelry set is the perfect option. The rainbow stones look magical, yet sophisticated. In fact, this set would be a beautiful addition to any magical-themed wedding. The set features a ring, earrings, pendant, and chain.

Unicorn Rainbow Crystal Necklace



Do you love the natural, magical look of crystals? Then you’ll love this necklace. Each crystal is one-of-a-kind, featuring beautiful bright colors. This would make a wonderful gift. It would also be beautiful to hang from your rearview mirror because, hey, cars need bling, too.

Magical Unicorn Statement Necklace



When you think of unicorns, you more than likely imagine something like this pendant. In a world where everything seems to be going wrong, a unicorn reminds us that the world is a magical place filled with many gifts. Give this unicorn necklace to a friend going through a hard time to remind her to stay positive.

Glow in the Dark Unicorn Necklace



This necklace reminds us that unicorns aren’t just magical creatures. They’re also strong and fierce. This necklace is perfect for both genders and fun for wearing to the club. You can choose from blue/green, blue, or green. Turn the lights out and watch the magic happen.

This selection of unicorn necklaces has something for everyone. Whether you want something girly and feminine or you’re a guy that happens to love unicorns, you’ll find a necklace you love.

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