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5 Choker Necklaces you Need to Slay Spring

Choker necklaces have made a charging comeback. From the stretchy ones of the 90's to a resemblance of body armor, slap on a choker and consider yourself trendy. 

5 Choker Necklaces you Need to Slay Spring

Choker necklaces are magical. Even the simplest of chokers can take your look to another level. Here are 5 chokers we think you need in your life. 

5 Choker Necklaces you Need to Slay Spring (and beyond)



Since we're talking spring, let's put this faerie flattened rose choker first. The floral choker is so feminine and flirty we're just loving it for spring. 



You can't go wrong with the classics. The vintage lace and suede choker necklaces never let us down in the 90's. Always feel confident sticking with the tried and true. 



Want a bolder look? This tame your dragon collar choker is fiercely sexy. It has that vintage look but also tons of edge. 



Talk about vintage. Go a little deeper with the dark faerie goblin lace choker. Look like you time traveled from the Victorian era with these chokers. Get as fancy as you choose with lots of dangling embellishments and lace. 



Gold choker necklaces are hot right now, too. This frisky faerie choker is gold-colored metal but still just as playful. The layered look is sure to amp up your style.

Which choker necklaces are your favorite?   

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